“OPPO is not a brand for everyone”: an interview with Johnny Zhang, President of Orro Central Europe

"OPPO is not a brand for everyone": an https://jiji.ng/274-private-jets interview with Johnny Zhang, President of Orro Central Europe

Ukraine saw the new President of Orro Central and European Europe Johnny Zhang. The editors of gg did not miss the opportunity to provide you with their information about the Ukrainian market, technology development trends and OPPO’s future prospects in our country. We learned about how OPPO is segmenting new market categories of electronics, how the OPPO smartphone line is being structured and positioned. What Mr. Zhang thinks about the prospects of ID tags, Apple and Samsung releases, why everything is so smooth with OnePlus in Ukraine and if we fold the OPPO smartphone.

gg : Johnny, recently you saw Ukraine, and this was your first visit to the country in a new settlement. What are the borders of the region of Central and Northern Europe, did you get far before?

Johnny Zhang: I’ve actually been working in Europe for more than 10 years. Until tsgogo pratsyuvav in Ukraine, Poland, Spain and Nіmechchini. Since then, I have been assigned to the last post, I work in Warsaw, Poland.

gg : Why does the Ukrainian market grow from other points of view Orro? What are the advantages of Ukrainian buyers?

Johnny Zhang: First, the Ukrainian market is more dynamic. As far as I know, there are about 45 million people living in Ukraine, before that, the country itself is already great – the largest in Europe. In another way, the Ukrainian market is cherished by great retail trades, such as Eldorado, Foxtrot, Comfy, Citrus. Tse vіdrіznyає yogo vіd іnshih. Until then, in Ukrainians, there is a high level of bazhan and ochіkuvan: stench is valued for better garniture design, high quality of gadgets and affordable prices. Some focus on the sale of smartphones, others, for example, on TVs or real cars. On the eve of our visit to Ukraine, we saw the shops of all our partners. The stench takes a clear position. Until then, we were far away from telling you how our partners came to victorious. You can check that the OPPO brand is available in all Ukrainian retail stores: Eldorado, Foxtrot, Comfy, ALLO and others.

[Ukrainian market may] For example, in some European countries, such as Poland and Nimechchina, and in all Western parts of Europe, the operator plays an important role. And operators really have a large part of the market. Maybe, this is one of the most memorable vіdmіnnosti. Vtim, є i richly sleeping. Partners in Ukraine, as well as in Europe, are joking about the best brand for spivpraci, which wins its goitre.

gg Which is more important for OPPO: a part of the market or a profit?

Johnny Zhang: One does not include the other. Aje, if you want your business to be profitable, you need a singing scale. Without it, it is impossible to take a surplus. It is your fault to work on your own image and at the same time improve your profits. We want to be a company that builds a stable and healthy business.

We’re not here to take away our swedish pennies.

OPPO in Ukraine and other countries of the region pragne to the pre-term development – we are patient. Part of the market and profit – only the result of our activities. Instead of fighting for a part of the market, we look forward to developing ourselves as a company and our activities. At once we present a relevant product, we create a local team, we work with local partners, we communicate our brand with good service, we propagate brand service and a high quality of products. I think that we will soon present more new products, improve our cooperation with partners and tell the locals in Ukraine about our new products.

gg : What was the flagship weekly for OPPO in the Ukrainian market?

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gg : How does OPPO compare to other smartphone brands?

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