30W 3000Lm H4 LED car lamps: the traffic police warned you.

Number of LEDs: 3 The body material is aluminum, which is clearly not spared. The fan, contrary to popular belief, does not cool the diodes but the electronic unit. The skirt of the light bulb is made removable. – in the process of writing a review, not a single driver of oncoming vehicles was injured; 1 x installation drawing 2. Power: 30W / PCS 2 x LED bulbs – I do not use the observed lamps and (after studying) will not be used; Anticipating a public execution, I will try to cool the righteous anger of the members of the forum by announcing: The Chinese did not limit themselves to a passive heat sink, but also installed a cooler. Color temperature: 4300K / 6500K Color: white The most interesting price (with PayPal payment option) was found on WWW.EACHBUYER.COM – $47. However, I considered the price up to $50 “for a look” to be unbearable. The guests of the flashlight are more advanced in this sense, because venerable lanterns are made on the basis of these diodes. Power(W): 30 With light yellow lampshade, color temperature 4300K; after removing the tear-off tint, the color temperature is 6500K. The body of the light bulbs is monolithic, the methods of parsing remained a mystery to me. For a long time I have been eyeing automotive LED optics in order to quench interest and form an opinion about the subject. But this is no coincidence: after opening the winding, HEALTHY lamps looked through in the blister … well, everything is in order.


The packaging is made in the form of a universal full-color box with a blister. Easy to install, integrated design, integrated in the stabilizer, no external ballast needed 1. The package is huge, with a lot of bubbles. The box contains detailed information about the product. Well, dear readers of MYSKU, here comes my doomsday… But after studying the description of the goods, I realized that the casket simply opened: the spherical plastic window in the light bulb is removable. The direction of light is one-sided: only upwards. When you turn on the far one, another one is added. Light Output: 1052 lm @ 10 W (85°C) For these purposes, a huge radiator with circular lamellas is made at the base of each https://jiji.ug/manufacturing-equipments/pumping-machine light bulb. It is today that the venerable public will shout “Crucify him. for my review. Press lightly and turn until the burr is installed in the grooves. Yes, yes, the same one, the Oscar-winning one. Insert the skirt of the LED bulb into the ceiling and clamp it with a spring.

30W 3000Lm H4 LED car lamps: the traffic police warned you.

1. My finest hour came when a friend said that zae … tired of changing light bulbs in the car. The ratio of the lighting and cooling unit is approximately 30/70. Based on this information, the declared characteristics of the bulbs are similar to the truth. Socle: H4 The luminous flux of H4 reach 3000LM, which is the same as that of xenon lamp, but its brightness is twice that of original car halogen lamp LED Type: CREE XM – L2 T6 High quality CREE XL L2 2. Luminous flux: 3000LM / PCS Input voltage: DC12-24V This fact does not scare me at all, but rather pleases me: it means that it is there. – the review answers the eternal question: will a car with such headlights pass inspection. Material: aluminum First of all, we get rid of the protective film. As a person who knows Chinese production (and even took part in it)))) I don’t pay attention to such trifles. REACH compliant: Yes I do not consider it necessary to talk in detail about the CREE XM – L2 T6 type diodes used in light bulbs, because invoices about them are full on the net. Apparently, the housing is universal for various types of automotive lamps. Product description Color temperature: 4300K/6500K Maximum Power: 10 W Heat shell diameter: 41mm
At first I thought that this was a prudent Chinese chance: how much will be, so much will be. Turn it on. That’s because today I’m reviewing LED headlight bulbs. Lamp beads: 3 x LEDs Maximum Drive Current: 3 A Total length: 100mm
During a detailed examination, flaws in the assembly were found, namely, drops of hot-melt adhesive in the bowels of the case. Reviews are mostly laudatory. Here and now I will lose all my excessively obtained pluses and will be cruelly plunged into the abyss of negative karma. The glow color listed on the website ranges between 4300k and 6500k. If left, the color will be close to neutral white at 4300k. Insert the body of the LED bulb into the hole in the skirt. Color: White The dimensions of the lamps are as follows. If the window is removed, then the color will be cold white. 6500. The cooler works constantly, emitting a high-frequency squeak, similar to the noise of a xenon throttle. Removing the stock halogen bulb. They burn, they say, monthly. 3. Lamps are placed in polyethylene foam spacers. As you know, this metal is the best budgetary heat sink. This must be taken into account if the engine compartment is not dense. With built-in cooling fan. The heat sink for the diodes is an aluminum case. In comparison with the stock H4, the picture is as follows. The light in the lamp is implemented by means of 3 XL2 diodes arranged in a triangle on the board. When I received the box at the post office, I thought that 55 "plasma had arrived. The algorithm of the light bulb operation is as follows: when the dipped beam is turned on, two extreme diodes work. Light Source: LED Light body diameter: 17mm 4. Use: Car headlights For me – an unusual and interesting solution. Efficient heatsink design and built-in high-speed cooling fan help dissipate heat quickly and prolong product life. Binning: 85°C Despite the seller’s assurances about the light temperature of 4300K, it is rather close to a cold white color. Here is what CREE XM – L2 T6 says on the manufacturer’s website:
Size: 5 x 5 x 3.02 mm Insert the bulb plug into the car chip. Nothing but light bulbs. Viewing Angle: 125 ° Leading cable length: 90mm Lumens ( lm ): 3000 On the bottom of the light bulb there is a marking indicating the purpose, type, voltage and luminous flux (this can be clearly seen in the seller’s picture). He grit: come on! Having studied the performance characteristics of his HONDA INSIGHT, I opted for a set of 30W H4 lamps. In addition, in some places the thermal paste was applied inaccurately. Typical Forward Voltage: 2.85 V Then we tickle the farka with polish … well, this is optional.
RoHS Compliant: Yes Then it dawned on me: now or never! I told him: let’s stir up Chinese diodes.

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